Best Category Of Percussion Instruments To Buy From Musical Stores Near You

Are you a beginner musician confused with which musical category of instruments would be the ideal choice to begin your musical journey, or a professional musician who has already mastered different types of instruments and is looking for a new instrument to master?

Then, playing percussion instruments could be the ideal choice for both kinds of musical journeys you are looking to experience.

If you don't have an idea of what percussion instruments are. Then, let us understand it first: -

What are percussion instruments?

Part of the percussion family, percussion instruments vibrate and produce sound in response to the player striking the instrument in a given rhythm.

After understanding what are percussion instruments? Let us now talk about some of the benefits you can enjoy if you wish to learn and play these instruments: -

  • One of the most beneficial traits of playing percussion instruments is exercising daily through constantly moving your hands, feet, fingers, and arms.
  • Playing percussion instruments increases the coordination abilities in your body because of rigorous and simultaneous movement of hands, arms, fingers, and feet simultaneously.
  • Percussion instruments are famous for their stress-releasing abilities because they allow you to play the instrument slow or fast, depending on your mood.
  • Self-expression through creating curated music by playing percussion instruments is one of its unique traits.
  • Playing instruments enhances your brain involvement due to the verbal and learning abilities you need to acquire to play them correctly.

Let us now look at a few types of percussion instruments you can choose to play depending upon your comfort and preference: -

  • Timpani

Timpani, also known as kettledrums, are tuned percussion instruments that allow you to simultaneously play different kinds of notes. Timpani is vital to the percussion family because of its shoring melody, harmony, and rhythms.

  • Xylophones

Xylophones are famous for their piano-like arrangement and wood-like sound production by hitting the keys with a mallet. Different types of mallets can change the sound quality of a xylophone.

  • Cymbals

Cymbals are one of the loudest percussion instruments available in the market. The sound coming from a cymbal depends upon the size you choose to buy. If the size is smaller, the higher pitch sound, and the larger makes a lower-pitched sound.

  • Snare drum

Snare drums are primarily used in military music and marching bands due to the unique rattling sound when the drums are hit. Snare drums can be played by striking with drumsticks, mallets, or brushes at the top them.


After reading about percussion instruments from the above article, hopefully, you have a new instrument you could learn and play depending on your preference.

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