Does the hang drum music touch you? Know about its rich sound.

If you ask therapists about mindfulness music, many would answer it to be the handpans. The listeners of hang drum music can get strongly hypnotized by its unique tone and relaxing vibe. This percussion instrument is originally from the steel drum family producing sound from vibrations. The music reflects the similarities of Caribbean traditional steel pans sound tones. 


The heritage of handpans is from Bern, Switzerland, which is now popular as hang drum. ‘Hang’ term comes from the German Dialect, which has two different meanings, such as hand and the convex shape of the instrument. In the early 70s in Europe, the prominence of the Hang drum music instrument escalated due to the famous handpan player Felix Rohner. Then the establishment of PANArt in the year 1990 revolutionized the musical instrument. The contemporary style of hang drum was officially introduced in 2001 by PANArt.


The distinctiveness of hang drum music


The hang drum, also known as the Hang drum, entails two metal bowls. The bowls are sandwiched and sealed around the edges creating a hollow cavity. This hollowness is responsible for creating the vibration's distinctive hang drum music sound. The bottom side of the drum or the Gu side has a hole on it.


This hole allows the sound to resonate and amplify to its optimum level. It is a famous property of physics, i.e., Helmholtz Resonance. The distinctive sound of hang drum music comes from this resonance. It is the same property you can experience when you blow across the top of the pop bottle. 


You can find some dents on the top side or the Ding side of the hang drum. These dents are responsible for producing seven to nine particular tones with the same scale, i.e., D. Hang drums go through a gas-nitriding process during the manufacturing process, which helps harden the bowls to obtain a distinctive sound. 


The ease of playing hang drum music


The most interesting thing about hang drum music is that anybody can play the instrument. Unlike keyboard and string instruments, you don’t need special training to hit the perfect note. You can hit any of its dents to play the notes, and it would make produce sound from the same scale. Players can play the instrument of their free will and choose any style of sound-producing. 


More and more people are interested in buying the hang drums to relax and enjoy themselves. The mystic and woody overtone sound of Hang drum music create very therapeutically. Hence, the hang drum is the most advanced and unique acoustic musical percussion instrument of the 21st century. 

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