Few things to consider before buying a handpan instrument from your nearest musical store

Are you looking to purchase your first handpan instrument by yourself to start learning how to play it? But need clarification regarding which factors you need to consider before purchasing the handpan. Buying a handpan for the first time if you have yet to gain prior experience is no easy task. After buying a handpan from a musical store, you may find that the tool is only up to the mark if you keep an eye on certain factors.

That is why here in this article, we have talked about a few things that need some consideration before buying the handpan instrument of your preference.

  • Price

The first and foremost factor you must consider before buying the handpan instrument is its price. The price of a handpan ranges from cheap to expensive, depending on the size and the material used. However, getting the right quality of the handpan would play a vital role in playing the handpan perfectly. Hence, finding a store selling handpans at a cheap rate and with good quality could be the ideal choice for anyone.

  • Material

There are many materials used for handpan instruments at their manufacturing place. However, every material used in it has different purposes and popularity. The raw steel handpan is the most cost-efficient in the market but needs better longevity due to being prone to rust.

Another example that completely contrasts with the previous one is the stainless handpans. This type of handpans is the most popular in the market even though they are a bit expensive, but the durability of it is excellent, unlike others. 

  • Size

Size plays a significant role in choosing the ideal handpan for yourself. Suppose you like to travel from one place to another with your musical instrument, then buying a small and compact handpan that would fit at every place is the ideal choice. However, if you don’t travel much and like to play your handpan within the vicinity of your house, then the larger ones are the choice for you.

  • Notes

Finally, another factor that plays quite a crucial role in determining the quality of your handpan is the number of notes included. Suppose you are looking to purchase a handpan that would comprise lots of notes in it. Then it would be more prone to dysfunctionalities in the future. The price of a handpan with lots of notes also increases slowly. However, if you look at the positive side, buying a handpan with lots of notes would help you play it more effectively than others.


It is not easy to buy a handpan that fits all your requirements in one place, and you would be bound to make mistakes during it. But after reading the above article, you can buy the one that suits your preferences.

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