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Your search for the perfect handpan is finally over. You've whittled it down to a few favorite makers and scales, and you've saved up your cash. That's so cool! At the perfect time, you've arrived on our steel-tinged planet. There used to be very few makers of high-quality Handpan Drum for Sale and even fewer players looking to sell or trade their instruments, but that has changed in recent years. As a result, unfortunately, there has also been a growth in the number of dubious offers, scams, and frauds. 

We have seen or heard of the following in the previous several months: 


Many buyers purchase to sell them for a high profit as soon as they receive them (legally, but in violation of community rules). ‍ 

It's too wonderful to be true. Facebook users attempt to sell you their '1st gen PANArt Hang for 799€' via Private Message. 

Ebayers who are being dishonest or deceptive: 

Get the items for sale with a “Buy It Now option” from vendors with low or no ratings. Similar items may appear on more than one listing site. Their "amazing new hang drumming for only $999.99" includes YouTube URLs that don't work and little technical information. ‍ 

Even more heinous Ebayers include: 

Handpans they don't truly possess but that have been stolen from a reputable handpan merchant are listed on their website. 

Scams on Craigslist include the following -

Ads with a blurry photo from someone claiming to be selling on behalf of the person (a simple method to claim ignorance or avoid answering inquiries), but of course, it's going cheap if payment has been made in advance via PayPal or another service. ‍ 

  • Opportunists

For a "mere" €2,000 or some other ridiculously exorbitant figure, people are selling items that look like handpans but sound like dustbin lids. ‍ 

  • Ingenious ruses: 

For $1,800, you can get an original Bells Magic Hour (or similar) on an auction site in Belgium/Dutch/other. One who seemed knowledgeable about handpans and had real reasons for selling posted a series of thorough posts. 


In addition to Western Union's negative reputation, the price, the method of payment (especially Western Union), and the fact that the identical photo/wording was used elsewhere (presumably by the same fraudster) were all warning flags.

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