Interested in percussion instruments? A Drum Hand can be your start point.

Drum Hands are the special handpan tongue drum that creates sounds by making them an ideal percussion instrument. These instruments fall into the idiophone percussion family category. The majority of percussion lovers use this handpan to improve their meditation sessions. Drum Hand is popular among commoners for its relaxing sounds and is quite easy to play. Moreover, this percussion instrument does not require any specific technique to play it. 

Playing mechanism on Drum Hand 

One can start playing music on Drum Hand without prior knowledge and produce melodic songs. In such handpad instruments, you can produce the number of notes equally as the number of tongues or slats. You can have eleven tones on your drum Hand full octave rather than just one. This percussion instrument can scale in D Major for producing music. You can play on the Drum Hand using your hands or mallets to produce sounds.

Meditative sound of Drum Hand

When it comes to the sound Drum Hand produces, many describe it as meditative tones. The sound has a similar tone to the Tibetan bowl, which Buddhist monks use that has a strong meditational effect. Hence, people often use Drum Hand to have a meditation or relaxing time. Professionally, many yoga and audio therapists use drum handpad abundantly to create a mindfulness atmosphere. You can take your drum Hand with you for hiking and camping to top a notch your mental healing state. 

Using Drum Hand for mental peace

As mentioned before, one doesn't need any special technical skills to go into a meditative space with Drum Hand. Since it's a percussion instrument, you don't have to understand which chord to strike to get the right note. This instrument plays on the same key, no matter which petal you hit. When you have more aggression in your body, you can use more force on it for meditation. It would produce loud noise filling up the whole room. 

Effective drum handpan materials

If you are considering buying a drum Hand, you should know that one of the most used metals is Steel. With their specific advantages, you can get a contemporary drum Hand in various steel material derivatives. 

  • Raw-steel handpan- The raw steel drum handpad is untreated; hence, very cost-effective. However, they require more maintenance as they are prone to rust over time, causing tuning problems. 
  • Nitrided steel drum Hand- This material drum Hand can offer your rust-resistant and is best for fast and aggressive percussive players. 
  • Steel-coated handpan- This handpan can be of any weightless metal, making it rather travel-friendly.
  • Stainless or Ember Steel drum Hand- This material offers the best rust resistance and is durable, making it an exceptional choice for melodic drum players. 

As a beginner, you can start using a cost-effective alternative of drum Hand to begin playing slow and melodic. It is recommended to buy a 9-note drum handpan for beginners as it's easy to coordinate and compact size. 

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