Is it your first time buying a hang drum? Know what to look for

Hang drums are percussion instruments that can make people interested in music immediately want to play them. Unlike in the past, when they belong to cults, these handpans are now commercially accessible. From dramatic low hang drum price for a handmade instrument to easy playing, these handpans are rising in demand. These percussion instruments are very relaxing as it creates a meditational resonance of their notes. 


You might not know where to start if it’s your first time buying a musical instrument. Your choice can vary in various aspects, such as hang drum price, size of the handpan, handpan sound, and quality. Read below to know what factors you need to know before buying your first hang drum. 


Different types of Hang drum


Due to the handpan production revolution, you can now find various types in the market. There is the original hang drum, whose name comes from the Bernese German word hand and its convex shape. Around the late 20s, the tongue drum or tank drums are popularized. This type of hang drum price is cheaper than the original type of handpan. The main difference between various types of hang drums comes with the note creation and the shapes of the dips. 


You have to use your hand exclusively when you play on the traditional version of handpans. Most recommend this when you use a hang drum for therapeutic effect. However, you can play tongue drums by hand and mallets for high volumes. 


  • Price influencing factors of the hang drum


Materials of the hang drumGenerally, hang drum handpans manufacturing involves the common steel material. However, now you can find various types of materials in the market that influence the hang drum price. Some of the most effective materials are raw steel, stainless steel, nitride steel, steel coated handpans. While raw steel and steel coated materials make hang drums cheaper, stainless steel materials are more costly and durable.  


  • Size of the drum


The drum size can vary according to the number of notes you want and the ease of playing it offers. The number of notes influences not only the hang drum price but also the sound quality. The variation of hang drum quality plays a vital role in hang drum selection. There are entry-level, intermediate, and top-shelf handpans available, and the number of notes varies accordingly. 


  • Choose the Manufacturer


You can find some cult and commercial manufacturers in the market today for hang drums. The hang drum price can vary according to their hang drum quality, manufacturing technique, and material use. Additionally, whether you buy online or offline can also impact the price. 


Choosing the right-hand drum for the first time is not hard if you know what to look for. Take the above considerations into account to find the right one from the various types of handpans. 

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