What Do You Need To Know To Buy A Handpan?

You'd like to purchase a handpan but are unsure where to begin? This blog will help you decide on your purchase. 

The handpan producers can now be found around the world! Now that it's so well-known and freely available, anyone can play it! A handpan can frequently be acquired within a short amount of time. With so much on hand, a new issue has arisen. How many companies are there, how well they are doing, and how much money they're making? 

If you're having trouble making a decision, consider these pointers: 

Choosing a handpan might be a confusing process -

There is also no simple or quick answer to this question. But don't be alarmed. Make the correct choice for yourself by considering the following factors and researching. Here are the top five ideas to help you get started. 

Let's take a closer look at each of these points: 

  • Listen to your ears: 

Listen to various handpan youtube videos by typing "handpan" into the search bar. Wear a headset to listen to each instrument's tone, sustain, intonation, the balance between notes, and dynamic range.

  • Don't let your heart rule your head: 

Before you buy a handpan, it's a good idea to study what makes a good one.

  • Tuning - Wood - Sustain - Balance 
  1. Intercommunication is minimized, as is the dynamic range. 
  2. Harmonics are made with great care. 

We outlined seven distinct characteristics of a high-quality handpan that will aid you along the road. If these notions are a little unclear to you, take a look. You've got a bomb if your handpan contains all of this! 

  • Take a deep breath and rely on the tips of your fingers: 

Never buy something without trying it out first. Make a list of people you know who play the handpan and see if they can set up a time to meet with them. Handpan instruments for beginners should be simple to pick up and play. Keep in mind the above list of features to look for and listen for while having fun with it and exploring it. 


As a musician, you can choose from various minor and major scales to suit your personal preferences. Scale names and/or notes are usually included in the video's description or the title tag. Don't forget to keep track of the ones you're interested in.

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