Different Scales Of Handpan Instruments For The Best Music Quality

Are you looking to try out a completely different musical instrument category that is not quite famous as the other instruments available in the markets, but the sound that comes out of them while playing is mesmerizing and unique?

Then, trying out playing handpans available at different scales in the markets, depending upon the sound quality, could be the instrument you are looking for: -

If you don’t have an idea of what are handpans? Then let us talk about it first: -

What are handpans?

Handpan instruments are a category of steel drums that are played using hands and can be tuned with multiple types of notes. Each handpan has a different sound depending upon the scale you choose to buy and can produce heavy and many layers of sounds and effects.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy if you wish to choose a handpan instrument to listen to or play are: -

  • Handpan instrumentsare quite popularly known for their unique ability to make you smile with the mesmerizing and rhythmic sound that comes from them while playing.
  • Handpans increase your brain's abilities like creativity, receptivity, and thinking, which are rigorously used and tested while playing.
  • Handpan instruments are known for giving out relaxing and stress-free vibes while playing or listening to them, depending on your mood.
  • One of the added advantages of playing handpan is getting involved with exercising in one way or another because of the rapid usage of both hands in a coordinated manner.

After knowing what handpans are and some of the benefits you can enjoy if you wish to learn and play them. Now, let us see the different scales you can choose to buy depending on your preferences: are -

  • Celtic minor scale

The Celtic minor scale is one of the most widespread significant scales available in the market and is most recommended to buy for beginners to know handpans original sound. They are known for producing dark, tense, and sad notes and can also be omitted into a calm, smooth and relaxing vibes.

  • Kurd scale

Kurd scales are minor scale-producing handpans, also referred to as aeolian mode in western music. They are known for blasting out dark and joyous upbringing sounds depending upon the chords being played.

  • Aeolian scale

Aeolian scales are complete-fledged minor scales of handpans. They are popularly known for producing mysterious, reflective, dark, and cheerful sounds depending upon the chord being played.

  • Hijaz scale

Hijaz scales are pretty popular in the Middle Eastern countries and are also known as spicy scales by the people residing there. Hijaz scales produce indulging, compelling, mysterious, and romantic sounds.


After reading about handpan instruments from the above article, hopefully, you can choose the best category of scale you would wish to play depending upon your sound and preferences.