The Different Types Of Drums And Handpans One Can Find

The handpan is part of the idiophone family. It is one of the twenty-first century's most thrilling and spells binding gadgets. The sound it outputs is captivating and mystical. Despite this instrument's growing popularity, tracking one properly down to buy can be difficult. Hang drums offer drummers and percussionists a way to enter the area of melodic music without the tedious task of first getting to know a manner to look at chordal melody.

A general fee for a new, well-crafted handpan will be, at the bottom end, around $2,000. At the pinnacle ends, above $4,000. This is direct from the few manufacturers withinside the world. You may pay the same fee if you want to have your pan custom-made. Also, assume watching for something as tons because the beyond yr on your device to be ready.

Variants of such drums for you to buy:

Just like any other instrument, there are different types of variations out there for this musical instrument.

  • Handpan

A musical tool made from metal half-shells that can be glued together to form an entire resonant chamber. Each handpan is tuned to a difficult and rapid set of notes organized around a center tone. Handpans are completed by gently tapping the tone fields collectively at the side of your fingers. Dreamy and hypnotic sounds symbolize the subsequent song. All handpans are made via way of means of shaping an uncut sheet of metal and then tuning the internal tensions of isolated areas on the sheet to vibrate in a similar way to a drum head.

  • Novapan Hang drum

Novapan Hang drums are some of the market's pinnacle immersive and intuitive musical widgets. The 9 and 12 be conscious stainless steel handpans provide a beautiful, angelic sound. This is right for any occasion. The D Kurd scale in 9 notes is best for novices on the proper Hang Drum Price. While the E Kurd scale in 9 notes is right for folks, who want a slightly higher tuning.

  • Tongue drum

It is a holed tank with decreased tongue-shaped incisions. A bell-like sound is produced while the tongues are hit or struck with a mallet. Tongue handpans and drums, referred to as tank or hank drums, are normally made from steel, despite their predecessors having been additionally organized from wood. Although many tongue drum builders speak with their devices as every handpans and hang drums, they'll be genuinely neither.


Handpans and drums are a brand new form of tool withinside the marketplace that has won a lot of recognition these days. These drums are available in one-of-a-kind patterns and additionally in one-of-a-kind fee ranges. This article talks approximately the diverse kinds of hang drums and what sort one wishes to pay for them.