Which Hang Drum Scale Should I Choose?

Have you ever noticed that the hang drums look the same somewhere but still how they sound differently? So, hang drums are available in different scales, making the sound different. Hang drums are diatonic instruments that work, unlike chromatic musical instruments. The Hang Drum Music is tuned to a certain note, making a scale known as the sound model.

You can’t check out the hang drum scale from the outside; you have a little experience with this. When researching the hang drums, you have a few options, like Kurd, La Sirena, Pygmy, Celtic Minor, etc. 

Choosing a hang drum scale

It is tough to navigate the scales of the Hang Drum Music. If selecting the scale of handpan feels confusing for you while buying, then this blog is for you. After going through this blog, you will understand how to determine the hang drum scales. By reading the next section, you can pick the hang drum that resonates with you.

A basic Hang Drum Music has 8 to 9 notes, and if you feel it's limited, remember that each hang drum holds 3 frequencies. A hang drum creates a satisfying sound when it has a rich, layered sound. So, picking an ideal scale is necessary. Here are the 3 options you can choose from:

  • Major: If you want to make a happy, peaceful, and joyful sound
  • Minor: When you want to make a tragic and sad sound
  • Flavorful: When you want to create ethnic & exotic sounds.

When you listen to handpan videos, ask if the instrument sounds minor, major, or flavorful. This simple example will put you closer to understanding which handpan scale is the ideal choice for you.

Major: Happy Scales on Handpans

Major scales are bright, tranquil, pleasant, and generally joyful. Major-scale handbags are peaceful and enjoyable to play with. They are ideal for contemplative play, music therapy, and sound healing. Why would you not want a large handpan scale? While handbags with major scales might quickly make you happy, they may lack the tension or intensity associated with minor scales.

Minor: Sad Scales on Handpans

Minor-key scales are more than simply depressing. They're more intricate, classical, gloomy at times, and emotional overall. Why would you not want the minor scale? Being confined to a tiny scale has its drawbacks. When all you want is a simple moment of bliss, playing your handpan might feel emotionally good.

Delectable: Handpans with Exotic Scales

Flavorful scales might be major or minor, but they usually stand out due to their cultural flavor, which differs from Western music. Some popular savory Hang Drum Music scales include Indian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese. These scales are gorgeous and amazing.

Why would you not want a unique handpan scale? These scales can be highly particular and restrict your musical repertoire, making working around that prevailing flavor tough. If you choose a tasty handpan scale, make sure you adore it.


So, which handpan scale is the best? Well, it’s entirely up to you. Now you can do it all alone.