How to choose your handpan?

This is a detailed guide from our experts that will allow you to choose the best new handpan for your level, preference and personality.

1. How many notes to choose?
1.1 9-note beginner's handpan
- Which scale to choose?
1.2 Intermediate 10-note handpan
- Which style to choose?
1.3 Handpan 17 note handpan
2. Which tuning fork: 432 or 440 Hz?
- The difference between 432 and 440 Hz in the video
. Conclusion

1) How many notes are selected?
1.1 9-note beginner handpan
Do you want to learn quickly and easily how to play your first harmonic melodies without any difficulty? That's why we strongly recommend you to learn this instrument on 9 notes.

- Which range to choose?
Here, you have two choices. We will have to cater to your sound preferences. This is very personal and varies from musician to musician.


1.2 Intermediate handpan with 10 notes

If you have already been exposed to handpan and want to progress and improve your current level, then our 10-note handpan is definitely the best choice for you today!

- Which style to choose?
No knowledge is required for this choice, just let your desires and preferences take over. We offer two options.


1.3 handpan 17 note expert

If you want to make the most of your art and deliver the most beautiful tones with your fingers, our 17-note gold handpan is the perfect choice. We designed this complete instrument for experienced musicians who seek intense pleasure in playing.

2) Which pitch selection: 432 or 440 Hz?

Now that you know a little bit about the right handpan for you, we have one last option: the tuning fork. This time, we have to cater to your preferences, but also to your future projects: 432 Hz.

432 Hz: Some musicians will prefer this frequency, not only from a personal point of view, but also out of mystical virtue.
440 Hz: If you want to play with other musicians, we recommend this frequency. In fact, most handpieces are tuned to 440 Hz.


3) Conclusion
Take the time to choose from the different options available to you. For both young and old musicians, ordering your handpan can be a major investment (even though our prices are very good). Fortunately, if you order from our store today, we give you the opportunity to send your instrument back to us within 14 days of receiving it! We wish you the best of luck with your studies.