Handpan production process

STEP 1 :Forming the steel plate
The first step is to create the shape of the dome of the instrument. To do this, it is necessary to do it in several ways ...... The most basic (but also the most complicated in terms of work) is to hammer the metal plate by hand. This step represents only thousands of hammer blows.

STEP 2 : Selecting scales and notes for the handpan
To find his orientation, We will use a marker or pencil to mark the location of the notes inside the instrument case. Usually, a slightly oval magnetic pattern should be used to indicate the size and shape of each note. The lowest note is placed in the center, with 7 or 8 notes spread around it. The hollow of the note is obtained by striking it or by using a press.

Step 3: Adjusting the handpan
It's time to adjust the handpan, an unheard of skill that we've built up over the years. There are no shortcuts to building a quality handpan. To tune, you must carefully tap the area around each small cavity until you get the desired frequency.

Step 4: Assemble the top and bottom shells
By gluing the top shell (the one that has been adjusted) to the bottom shell, we now have the handpan. The bottom shell is made by following the same steps and punching a hole in the bottom shell, which will become the opening in the bottom of the handpan. Depending on the amount of air inside the handpan and the size of the hole, we get a fraction. This is called "Helmholtz".