Q & A

What is the origin of handpan?

The heritage of this instrument originated in Bern, Switzerland, where Felix Rohner and Sabina Schårer built this multi-faceted instrument called Hang. Felix Rohner was the first principal player of an instrument called the Trinidad Steel drum, which gained recognition in Europe in the early 1970s until 2001, when Felix and Sabrina officially presented the Hang at the Frankfurt Music Fair in Germany.

What are the other names for handpan?

Since Panart registered its own instrument name, many manufacturers had to find other names to call it. You will be able to hear or read these names around you: Handpan, Hang Pan, Hang Drum, handrum, Pantam, Saucoupe or Steel drum

What is the price of handpan?

In general, the cost of a handpan is around 1500 to 2500 Euros, depending on the manufacture of the instrument. Our handmade hand pans are known for their excellent value for money. You will find that in 90% of the cases the handpan is overpriced compared to the quality offered. At TAK DRUM HANDPAN, we offer you quality and (handmade) Handpans for $680 to $980! We want all players, beginners and experts alike, to enjoy a unique instrument at an affordable price.

How does handpan work?

By machining the nitrided steel into a specific shape, its dimples are adjusted to the full scale. When struck, the dimples cause the notes to sound. The sound is produced by affecting the air inside, which is released through the holes in the lower half of the pan. They are shaped like flying saucers and are tuned to a scale most of the time, so even without musical knowledge, almost anyone can make beautiful music with a tuned handpan.

Is it hard to learn handpan?

No. The handpan is an intuitive instrument that can be simply improvised. If this is one of your first instruments and you haven't taken any percussion (or music theory) classes, don't panic, you will easily create your first melodies. In fact, no matter what rhythm you play with your fingers or mallets (chopsticks), the sound of the melody will send you into deep relaxation and allow your mind to escape into intense joy. You will see that this iconic instrument will make you feel like an instrumentalist or percussionist all the time.

Can handpan only work with hands?

As the name suggests, but you can buy a range of accessories to play handpan.

Play handpan with gloves?

First, the gloves. You still play with your hands, but the gloves will change the sound of the instrument. The notes are noticeably shorter, slightly duller, and the volume will be lower.

Play handpan with a wooden mallet?

Yes, you can play your handpan with mallets. however, I don't recommend it, you have to play it very gently. Your handpan will go out of tune much faster. Different strike pads on the mallets will produce different sounds and resonance. However, for me, I don't know. I think I'm going to go back to steel drums and I want my tuning to last.

So handpan is like a drum?

In a way it is similar because striking a handpan produces sounds and notes, but unlike drums, steel does not produce notes under tension. Instead, it is the other way around, with the steel note area being subjected to what is called compressive stress. In other words, the steel is pushed outward. In fact, the steel is deformed. Each note is a region that has been carefully distorted to a specific degree - each note works in harmony with the other notes in a particular scale. Not only do you use the notes as tunes, but through a very skilled process, harmonics are introduced to further enrich the sound. They also provide unique vibrational frequencies. Tuned to a specific scale, handpan are most often created to order a fairly long waiting list. With any luck, they happen to be readily available. Perfect if you want a usable range.

How long does it take to learn?

Having a handpan is great, but to make a handpan work, you have to learn how to play it. Fortunately, unlike most instruments, the beauty of a handpan is that you can make music in less than an hour. You're less likely to be out of tune, especially if you buy a good one. You may need an hour to get used to your handpan and strum it properly. After this hour, you will begin to understand the basic typing process through repeated trials.

Practice using your fingertips, thumb knuckles and heel of your hand. Different ways of playing notes with subtle nuances become apparent. You'll soon be creating great music. Consider a video lesson on how to play the handpan. These days, video lessons are readily available, inexpensive for the long-term value they provide, and a convenient way to split your time between when you want to learn.

Feel free to explore Youtube. there are tons of videos with tips, tricks and guides on how to play. But experimentation works best. You'll be surprised at how fast you can make music.

Which frequency to choose: 440hz or 432hz?

Ok, we're getting a little technical here, but it's very relevant. Most instruments are tuned to 440hz, but many handpan like or want to be tuned to 432hz. handpan is a very spiritual instrument. By playing it, you can have a feeling of being at one with nature. There is a belief that 432hz tuning has healing properties. It soothes and creates an inner connection with the vibrations of life and nature.