A Look At Some Handpans For Sale Near Me

 The good thing about a handpan is that you don’t need many years of musical experience in order to take up this new hobby and learn till you become a pro.

 Perhaps this musical instrument that you read about or saw somewhere has sparked your curiosity, so much that you want to try your hand at it.

 And this is how you arrived on our page, on browsing through “handpans for sale near me”

 In that case, read on, for the following are just a few handpans from Tak Drum that we would like you to see.

Tak Drum Starlink 10 notes

 This handpan from the Starlink series of Takdrum comes with an overall of 10 notes, which makes it a good choice for someone in the intermediary level.

 The handpan is stylish with a dark green to look attractive on stage when you use it on your shows.

 With a diameter of 22 inches, the handpan lets you experiment with a wide range of dynamics.

 The handpan is made of stainless steel which means it is also highly durable and easy to maintain. This way, you don’t have to worry about using it to practice on a daily basis too.


Tak Drum Handpan Proton 10 Notes

 This is another handpan from Tak Drum that you can buy for yourself or gift a friend with.

 The hang drum is made of nitrided steel, which makes it easy to maintain as it is durable and highly corrosion resistant.

 This one too comes with a diameter of 22 inches, giving you a wide range of dynamics to experiment with.

 What’s special about this hand drum is that it is beautiful with handmade engravings, which makes it perfect for gifting.


Tak Drum Handpan Performer 17 Notes

 If you are an intermediary looking for a hang drum with many notes, here is one that comes with 17 notes, giving you lots to experiment with.

 The drum is made of high hard stainless steel and is durable. Like most handpans, this one too comes with a D minor scale, making it a good choice for those beginning as an intermediary.

 The many notes of this hang drum lets a player explore many new possibilities and create many melodies.


Now, You Go and Explore Some More Too

 While handpans are not very expensive, they are also not very cheap, and hence the reason why you need to make a wise buying purchase. Be careful in your research and conduct a thorough study with all that you see, gathering all the information that you can and not just jumping at the first item you find when you go online and type “handpan for sale near me”

 While the above are just a few of the most popular handpans from Tak Drum that we presented before you, make sure that you take your time to have a look at the rest too, till you finally arrive at what you think makes the best and most perfect handpan for you.

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