How To Choose The Best Handpan Instrument For The Finest Music Quality

Are you actively searching for the best handpan instrument to buy from the musical stores available near you? But you are confused with what are the things you need to check and keep in mind before selecting the best handpan instrument that satisfies all your requirements in one.

Then, let us look at some of the things which you need to remember before buy handpan instrument from your nearest handpan seller: -

  • Price of the handpans

Handpans are relatively quite cheap compared to the other handmade musical instruments available to buy in the market. But it also depends upon the manufacturer selling the product; if the demand is high, the outcome could be expensive.

  • Choosing the best quality

After having an approximation of the price of the handpan, the next step would be looking at factors related to the product: -

  1. Listening to various types of sounds handpans make from multiple sources would help you identify the kind of music you require from the handpan.
  2. The quality of the handpan is also vital to check if the tuning, range, harmonic, and timber quality are all up to the mark.
  3. Before buy handpan, try to play one beforehand to be best suited.
  4. The last thing would be deciding the unique scalability you require on your handpan.
  • Selecting the best material

You can select the best material of handpan from the choices given below you want to buy depending on your budget and requirements: -

  1. Raw steel: Raw steel handpans are available in the market just like they are made without any coating or treatment, making them the most effective.
  2. Steel coated: Steel-coated handpans are light weighted and cost-effective with travel-friendly attributes.
  1. Nitrided steel handpan: Nitrided steel handpans are the most rust-resistant because of their treatment and are ideal for percussive players.
  2. Stainless steel: Stainless steel handpans are the best category available due to their long sustainability and zero to no rusting problems.
  • Finding the adequate size

Finding the best size of handpan to buy would be necessary because of comfort and ease of playability issues. Some of the properties you need to keep in mind before buy handpan instrument are: -

  1. Notes

The size of the handpans depends on the number of notes you want to play from them. If you are looking for many of them, your handpan would likely be more significant.

  1. Scale

If you are looking for lower scalability, larger handpans would be the choice, and if you are looking for higher scalability, then smaller handpans would be ideal.

  1. Travel

If you love to travel to different places with your musical instruments, looking for smaller handpans would be the ideal choice.


Hopefully, you now know how to choose the best handpan instrument by keeping in mind some of the things mentioned above in the article.

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