How to correctly choose the correct scale for your hang drum music

After learning about it recently, did you finally decide to buy a hang drum? But the matter of scales needs to be clarified regarding which one could be ideal for your music preferences. The hang drum music is captivating to hear if they are played correctly and efficiently. However, if you are a beginner and need to learn more about this musical instrument, choosing the correct scale for it might be challenging.

That is why here in this article, we have mentioned specific points that will help you pick the correct scale for your hang drum music.

  • Start by listening to different scales.

One of the steps towards choosing the correct scale for your hang drum would be trying out and listening to different scales of it. Try to listen to each scale carefully and determine which suits you the most, like the one that connects with your inner music feelings. You can even listen to various hang drum musicians who post their recordings over the internet for people to hear. After watching lots of variations on it, only you can find the scale most suitable.

  • Try to understand which scale you actually like

One of the unique things about hang drum music scales is the different types of vibes and sounds it produces through it. Every scale has its own set of colors and emotions which only a few people with the same taste could understand.

Suppose you are a cheerful person and like to listen only to this type of genre of songs, then a scale that plays only cheerful music might be your choice. There are more scales like sad, travel-oriented, soothing, mesmerizing, expressing, and even mysterious, to name some of them.

  • Selecting the number of notes you want

Yet another thing that would ultimately determine how your hang drum would sound is the total number of notes you would choose to include. One thing you need to know beforehand is the number of notes you include in it would increase the chance of flaws.

There could be instances when the tuning could be better, or the sharp notes wouldn't sound the way they should and find interference between them. Hence, buying a hang drum with not more than 8 notes in it could be a choice for anyone.

  • Choosing between the minor and major scale

Finally, the primary decision you must make is choosing between the minor and significant scale of the hang drum. Minor scales hang drums are the most popular and sold version. While on the other hand, significant scales are less popular. The minor scale is said to provide a more melancholic, mesmerizing, and immersing music which major scales fail to provide.


Did you need help choosing the scale for your hang drum? After reading the above article, all your problems are now sorted.

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