Know about the best Handpan Instrument Manufacturers 

Handpan Instrument Manufacturers are enthusiastic about music & percussion instruments, & since 2006, they have been creating and manufacturing handpans that have amazing specifications thanks to this passion. 


Metal Sounds were the first Handpan Instrument manufacturer in France to make handpans (also known as pantams), and the company continues to pioneer new techniques and instrument designs. The quality charter selects materials and procedures, which vary depending on the acoustics and aesthetics needed (stainless steel or mild nitrided steel). 


Therefore, the Spacedrum Evolution®, as well as the Spacedrum Nitro®, are the products of a significant amount of time spent on development and research while making handpans (sound sculptures). As a result, mutual trust is the foundation for our respect for our beliefs and our commitment to the clients. 


How are handpans discovered?


Real-world experience is required to design superior handpans (knowledge of steel, mastery of formatting techniques, physical and acoustic experiments, etc.). As a direct result, Metal Sounds has been conducting studies in this area since 2006. In conclusion, our competence is known all over the world as a result of the fact that we were one of the first companies to make handpans. Two separate handpan lines, each with their sound and visual qualities, are now being produced by our team. 


Nitrided handpan is known as the SPACEDRUM NITRO®. 


The Spectrum Nitro® is the newest instrument to be produced by METAL SOUNDS. This handpan is extremely versatile. In this particular form of production, the oval notes with dimples (buttons) shaping are used, and the shells are cemented together. The most important thing is that the 1.2 mm steel sheets have been treated to be more resistant to shocks & corrosion (nitriding). 


Handpan made of nitride Spacedrum Nitro 10 notes -


As a result, the Spacedrum Nitro® possesses all of the features necessary for a high-end handpan, including an impressive dynamic range & a well sustain. Harmonics are simple to play, and the crosstalk, which refers to the resonance of the notes that occur between them, is effectively managed. 


Additionally, the percussive sound created by the player on the edge of the handpan (Tak) is distinct, although the Ding note remains low and is quite brief. It stands to reason that Handpan Instrument Manufacturers will be the only ones to fully understand the breadth of its potential and the singularity of its sound. 


In addition, it has harmonized ranges, and its diameter is 55 centimeters, making it an instrument that is very simple to understand for beginners. Because anyone may pick up and play the instrument, there is no requirement to become proficient in musical theory or practice music. 




The Spectrum Nitro® handpan has a sophisticated appearance thanks to its bluish-grey tones and smooth surface finish. The models currently being produced come with nine chords (8 notes + 1 DING), ten notes (9 notes + 1 DING), and a luxury carry bag as standard equipment.

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